Quadruple Bottom Line

To drive economic progress, enabling profitable economic enterprise has been a primary responsibility of governments in free countries and governance boards in successful companies. Recently, however, growing numbers of companies have looked beyond profits to consider people, the planet, and progress. These 4 Ps provide a framework for sustainable prosperity with continuous and competitive innovation. Individuals and their communities can flourish when resources are optimized in these 4 areas. Ideally, the resource optimization should be tracked with Key Performance Indicators ("KPIs") that focus stakeholders on successful implementation of new combinations of innovations by entrepreneurial shareholders committed to profitable service to employees, customers, and the community.

Employees People – Quality of Life for Staff Members. Managers focus on building a culture that encourages health, vigor, well-being, and flourishing.
Shareholders Profit – Competitive Productivity. Shareholders steward resources efficiently and effectively to produce goods and services competitivity and profitably.
Community Planet – Sustainable Communities.  Ecosystems survive across lifespans and generations.
Customers Progress – Adaptive Innovation. New developments are focused on serving customers better.